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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of a visit paid to the Indians in New York State

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of pasture for our horses and a good house
to quarter in tho’ we had to find our own
provision and sleep on the floor. Near
the mouth of this creek on a beautiful dry
plain there is a town laid out by the state
of Pennsylvania it is called Warrentown,
the Holland company owns a large body
of land adjoining this place which they
are a surveying into townships and settling.
They have built a good house on a lot in
they said town, where they keep a store
to supply their surveyors and settlers with
provision & c. Joseph Johnson our pilot from
franklin here had the charge of the store and
this was as far as he designed to go with us.

When we arrived here we met with per-
haps 20 or more Indians many of whom
were drunk having obtaind liquor of some sett-
lers that were a this house intending in a few
days to go up the creek to their destined spot;