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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 2 1798

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thanks to our maker for our oppertunity
to proceed, Our business is to desire
our Friends to take it in consideration
We desire to get the knowledge of
learning from our Friends; as one
God made us both, We have advan-
ced ourselves, but still think fitt to
embrace opportunity offered as by
our friends, If we have any gift, that
we may have our Eyes opened, we first
lay our matter before your our friends
as you have come forward and offered
to assist in our undertakings, as th
ere is three Hundred & sixty one Souls
in this Village, that have agreeā€™d to
receive instruction from you, as we desire
to be instructed in all the various bran-
ches of learning letters pen, and tilling
the field. as we have seen great be-