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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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do well as ever I can and well as I know how, it is not very
pleasant to me to go back again among the wild people and
among the Idle people, because I am young now I would not
wish myself to be Idle to displease my friends, after all their trouble
taking so much pains with us. but I am fear I should get
in the bad company, but I think I will try to keep away
from them. But it will be great joy to me to return
again to go and see my Parents & Relations, I believe it will be
a great joy to my Parents & Relations, I believe it will be
a great joy to my Parents to see how I can Spin & Knit and
Sew and all such things. I think if I stay’d till I was eighteen
years old I would know how to do all things perfectly well,
I expect we shall go home in a short time, I believe, I should be
willing to stay longer if I had my choice yet we cannot always
have our choice, but I am very willing to go home again, but I
should not like to disapoint my poor Mother, because she told
Henry Simmons She should like if I go this fall if the friends
are willing to let me go. I cannot say much more because I dont
know how to put the words right; this is the first Letter ever
I wrote all myself, I hope thee will try to put the words to get ther