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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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Brothertown 9 mo 8th 1797

Dear Friend
Although, I am unacquainted with you, yet I
trust I am not altogether unacquainted with the bless-
edness of the Holy one of Israel, which I make no
doubt but that thou art one of the followers of
Christ, I have often experienced the goodness
and Blessedness of the Lord; towards me and my
Family, which I bless the Lord for, I have seen
thy Husband as I told thee before in the other let-
ter that I wrote to the Last Summer; I have
a particular regard for the people called Quakers
for it is them that does appear to be the followers
of the meek and lowly lamb of God; and you
Seem to be the nearest our Hearts, or nearer than
any other people, their is so many kindness’s shew-
ed to us by these people, of your society, which I am
very thankful for, but my pen is too short to
express my mind to thee, but I can truely say
I have a particular regard for you, and I can bless
the Lord for the Seasonable oppertunities that