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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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A Circulating Letter from the Committee of the Indian
appointed by the Yearly Meeting of
. To the Six Nations of Indians To our Indian Brethern of the Six Nation

Brothers We rejoice that you are now at peace, and
we Pray to the Good Spirit, that he may continue to pres-
serve you from the Miseries of War, we have always had
your welfare at heart, Ever since our grand Father
Onas, came into this Country; and the present time
appears to us to be a favourable one, again to manifest
our unalterable Friendship for you; We cannot forget
the Harmony that subsisted between our fore Fathers; and
the Indians, during the first settlement of this Country.

Brothers, We have heard some of your Chief
Men say, that they believed the Good Spirit designs th-
at you should not live much Longer by Hunting alone
the game is grown scarce, yet although your Lands
are much less than they once were, they are with a
small degree of Industry abundantly sufficient to
supply all your wants.

Brothers Our Hearts are open to you, we