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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons letterbooks, Vol. 1 1797

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A Copy of the Second Letter, from the Indians,
To the Legislature of Newyork.
To the great Sachems & Councillors of the
State of N. york.

Brothers attend,
We the Chiefs of the different Tribes re-
siding on the Reservation of the Oneida Country
desires to speak to you in a few words. as we hear that
you are seting around the great Council fire at Al-
, to consult the peace and hapiness of your Peo-
ple in this State.

We now call to your Minds the long sp-
eech we sent to you Last spring, in which with gro-
aning we unitedly asked you to extend the strings
of your strong Law, to bind the Heroe, whose nasne
you Call Rum, that he may not come into the
Towns of our Tribes, To plunder and interrupt
our peace any longger.

We never have heard whether our
voice was reached to your Ears, or whether you Listen-