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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 2 1799

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as well as to their relation Cornplanter
We crossed Taunewante Creek, which
was about 3 rods wide, & rode a path
for several miles, which led into the
Public road, through a Dark heavy
swamp, my horse got extreem-
ly lame, with an old complaint
as I was afterwards told, at leng-
th we got to Joseph Ellicotts
Trantient store house, after a
disagreeable days ride, occationed Chi-
efly by my horse getting lame, when
I was recommend of Ellicott, by
Letter, for accommodations, as
also my companions, bein 23
miles from Taunewante.

2nd day 14th after a kind enter-
tainment, and getting a fresh horse