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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 2 1799

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That when a young man, he was a
great Hunter, and often thought of
the great Spirit, who made the Wild
beasts and all things, and to be sure
he had always very good luck, he said.

I told him that was the only way
to receive a blessing by thinking of, and
returning thanks to the great Spirit,
even the Farmers, were then blest
with better Crops of Grain.

2nd. Mo. 11th Second day of the
Week, Cornplanter & two of his Sons
came up early in the morning, to the
house where I lodged. Who told me
he had something particular to commu-
nicate, which was thus, they had lately
received an Express from the Buf-
falo Indians
; that one of their little
girls had Dreamed, the Devil was
in all white people alike, and that