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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Henry Simmons journals, Vol. 2 1799

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only way I had to know when I was doing
right or wrong, by strictly attending to
the great Spirit in my heart, and
asked them, if this was not the case
when they thought of doing something
which they ought not to do, whether they
did not feel something pricking at their
Hearts, and telling them not to do so.

Several of the Chiefs, Cornplanter
for one; confest it was the very tru-
th, they had experienced it so.

I told them it was the great Spirit
that thus pricked, and tells us not
to do so, and it is the Devil that
urges us to do it.

I then told them, here would be an
advantage to their Children, in learn-
ing to read, as the great Spirit pla-
sed to enlighten their understand
ings and make them sensible of this
good Book; as well as many other