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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of I. Coates, J. Sharpless, & J. Pierce, visits to Indian Reservation, NY

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5th 3 day.

A pleasant morning. Not know-
ing what time Cornplanter

and his company
would call upon us, feeling the prospect of a
separation, we sat down together to take a part-
ing opportunity. It was a time of retirement
wherein the canopy of Divine love was spread
over us, to the contriting of our spirits, and a
living travail was was experienced, that as the time
was approaching when we expected to part, that
Ancient Goodness might be near to them that
stayed, to comfort, strengthen, and preserve them
in their lonely cottage and arduous undertaking,
which considering the many favors we have ex-
perienced, since we sat out, there was no cause to
doubt, that as they were truly watchful and at-
tentive on their part would still be continued, -
and that we who are going, might also experi-
ence the Lord's protecting power, through a
solitary wilderness and a tedious journey.

The Indians did not come.

6th 4th day.

After waiting with some degree of im-
patience, untill between two and three o clock
this afternoon, we were visited by Cornplanter

his son, and two other Indians. The chief
informed us that one of his daughters was taken
very ill yesterday, and that a relative living in
his family had fallen from a horse and broken his