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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of I. Coates, J. Sharpless, & J. Pierce, visits to Indian Reservation, NY

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raise any more of their lot this year, than they will
want for themselves, but we hope against another
year, they will have a little to spare. and we are
willing they should give to your old and in-
firm people that cannot work, one bushel
out of four, of all grain and so forth, they
have to spare.

Brothers, in order to encourage
you still more to take up work, and to follow
the ways we point out to you, we will agree
to give you a little more. We will send you
Smiths tools, when our young men write us, that
you need them.

Brothers, if you are industrious
this summer, and raise a goodd eal of corn,
and some wheat, we will help you build a
good mill next summer, if a suitable place
can be found for it. You must find half
the money to build the mill, and we will
find the other half. We hope, brothers,
you will save some money* * annuity. you get from the
white people, that you may have your share
ready against next spring. We think you
had better choose one of your chiefs to keep this
money for you, till the time is wanted,
or perhaps is may be all gone for whisky, or
something that will not do as much good
as the mill would.