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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Account of I. Coates, J. Sharpless, & J. Pierce, visits to Indian Reservation, NY

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and furnished within, as is usual in Indian
buildings. It stands on an elevated spot, with
in five perches of the river on its northeast

5 day 24th.

This morning our young men set to
work, on their lot having borrowed some tools of Cornplan-

, they got a piece of ground, cleared of rubbish,
and dug up for a garden, and our potatoes
planted that the Indians gave us, also prepared
some ground for the reception of other seeds, when
they were stopped by rain which continued
at intervals for most of this day.

About 11 o'clock we felt our minds engaged
to draw into our new habitation, and sit down
together for religious retirement: in which
we were favored with the renewed extendings
of divine regard to the contriting of our spirits
and strengthening of our minds, in the work
in which we are embarked, and we trust it was
a time to be encouragingly remembered by
our friends when we are separated from

We now sensibly feel the want of our
goods, which we cannot look for in less
than a week from this time, the season for
planting corn being fully come, we are in some
doubts of getting much of that valuable article in,
so as to answer a good purpose the present year: