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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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2 mo 23th 1798 Philad.

At a conferrence held with 5 of the Tuscaroras

who were authorised by there Nation to Inquire Respecting
there Right to the lands at Hopewell & on Inquiring
Into the Matter it Doth not appear that they were
Ever the owners of that Part of Vergeina But we find
By a Treaty held with the Six Nations of Indians in
the year 1744 and the Tuscarorars were Part of those
Nations that they sold all those Lands to the government
of Verginna & Recd pay for the same
But as we love our Read Brothers & Desire to make
there Minds Easey we have agreed to give them
1000 Dollars which was done
There Names are
Nicholas Cusick