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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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The time allowed to consider & digest an answer being too short, & the Indians return
ing rather earlier than the time appointed, they chearfully proposed to leave it under
our Consideration till tomorrow, earnestly desiring we should be serious in deliber
ating on it.

11th Month 1st This Morning the same Chiefs with the Inter
preter attending according to our agreement of yesterday, the following answer as
agreed on was communicated to them

Brothers, We have considered what you said to us yesterday & shall answer you
in a few words; We are thankful to the great Spirit that he has preserved us in
health to see each others faces at this Council fire; we & our Brethren at home have
the same good will towards you as our forefathers had, & are desirous to afford you any
service in our power, & that you may cherish peace with one another & with all
Men, believing this will greatly contribute to your happiness; we sympathize
with you in your sufferings & distress, & wish strict justice to be done you respect
ing your Lands, you have been informed we can take no part in war, which is one
great reason why we cannot be active in civil Government & therefore are not capable
of judging of all your grievances, especially as the transactions at Indian Treaties of
late years have not fully come to our knowledge; you have spoken to us respecting the
piece of Land between Caynga

& Buffaloe Creeks, as we are unacquainted with the
Commissioner's power we can give you no satisfactory answer on that subject, [which?]
appears to be a matter of importance to you, it would be proper to lay it before him; the
Land you mention along Lake Erie you have been already acquainted that Congress
has sold it to Pennsylvania, & we do not suppose the Commissioner has power to
relinquish it; It is true the President & his Counsellors have impowered a Commis
sioner to treat with you, but we think the Government has no design to compel
you, you have Men amongst you of good Understanding & sufficient penetration
to discover what your just rights are, & if your minds are not easy with the proposals that
have been made, we make no doubt but the Ear of the President & the great Council
of the United States will be open to hear you, & to them we conceive you have a right
to appeal; we desire Wisdom may conduct your Councils that whatever is done may
tend to promote harmony & peace. We then returned the Strings of Wampum.

11th Mo: 12th 1794

According to the agreement of last evening about thirty or
forty of the Sachems & Chief Warriors met at our Lodgings & delivered the follow
ing Speech by Farmer's Brother

the Chief Sachem.

Brothers of he people call'd Quakers, I wish you would attend to what
we who are now present are about to say, we speak as one. yesterday after
receiving your invitation to come and partake of your presents, we agreed to meet
here this Morning, to communicate a few words, which we will now do.