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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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from the Painted Post

we Rode to Mary Lindley, a widdow 13 mile
woman who Entertained us all night very kindly as Did her
son our Horses, we Brakefasted with her


set our Rode to Richard Daniels

5 m Baited our horses & Rode
to Peter Roberts 5 m then to William Carters 6 m Lodged there
our next Days Ride was Trying it Being a Bought 25 miles to
the Block house which was the next the Rodes very Bad & the
Snow 7 or 8 in Deep Boalded the horses very much no Remedy But
to go forward & Do worse

I Spread by Blanket on a Bark flore lay Down slept untill
near 12 oClock then got up Smoaked my Pipe lay Down a short
time Slept but little more that night Rose a bought 2 Prepaired
7 for going forward

started of half past 3 Snow 7 in on the ground & Cold
got we arived at Tyoage

near 9 Being 13 miles or more Cold &
hungry we Struck fire warmed our Selves Eat some Breakfast
fed our horses & set out for the Block house 10 or 12 miles the
worst Rode that Ever I Saw Being to the horses knees in mud
& Some Places Deeper Roots & Stones however we arived Safe
there a bought 10 oClock when I was very much worn Down
my Companions were for Trying to get to the next house that
evening But I was too Tyreed to Venture it being 20 miles at
Least & the Rose for 5 or 6 m very Bad for we Concluded to Stay
all night there a Dismal Place indeed the house if it may be
called one open on the Top for yards of weather Cold & one might
Put there arm Between the logs no Stable for our Tyred horses
nor Hay no milks Butter or Sugar we got some fryed Vanson
& Fowl Boyld & fryed in Elks fat Eat our Supers