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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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31st 10 mo 1794

Four of the Sachems viz. ClearSky

, Red JacketSaguaresy &
another (whose name we were not acquainted with being a
deputation from the general Council of Indians who for several
Days past have been deliberating on the proposals made to
them by Col. Pickering, waiting on us at our Lodgings with
Horatio Jones Interpreter. they desired that as they had some
thing of a secret nature to communicate we would retire with
them to some private place, which being complyd with Red
addressed us nearly as follows

Brothers You see here four of use of the six Nations

; who are assem-
bled at this place in the will of the great Spirit to transact
the business of the treaty, you have been waiting here a long
time and visited by our chiefs and as yet no marks of respect have
been shewn you. We understand you told Saguaresy that
you should not have come but at our request & that you stand
ready to afford us any assistance which lay in your power. --

Brothers we hope you will make your minds easy, as we who
are now here are but Children, the Anscients being diceased;
we know that you & our forefathers transacted business together