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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Diary, Visit to Indians

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we were informed they had killed 160 Cattle for the Indians
on an average wayed 700lb Ea

this afternoon we had a Conference with the Chiefs of the several
Nations when it was agreed the Tuscororas

were the original
owners of the land abought Hopewell they are a Tribe of abought
300 poses no Land are Mixed with the Senicas


1st of the week had a Meeting in the Schoolhouse with several friendly
People & many Indians to good satisfactions in the after noon had
a Council in order to finally finnish the Treaty & have the Articles
signed, But, Cornplant

rose up & said that the United States had
Deceived the warers if they should deceive the Sachims it would be
Bad for the United States had Told them at Fort Stanwix at New
York that all the Indians land was forfitied to them which had
ocationed much Blood to be Spilt, & now the Comm. had told
them that it was not the United States & wished they had known
it sooner which would have prevented the sheding of Blood.
& Concluded the Warriors would not sign the Trety But the Sachims
might & they would abide by it as long as the sachims Did
Right the Comm. let the Indians know he could not agree to such
a pertial Settlement that he would have the warers & Sachims
sign the Articles of leave matters as they were Before this
was heavy work however so it was the Indians left to consider
of the matter


no Buiseness, Sagorsey

& Capt Drankup Call on us to know whether
they should Receive any thing for there land at hopewell as they thought
it now appeard they were the original oners we let the know
we would do what we could for them in the Buiseness
the Farmers Brother & Red Jacket calld to see us
But Several of the Chiefs Drunk