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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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we fed again at Jersey Town

& Dind on our
own Provision--the appearance of Things being
no temptation to call for Dinner. In a few
Miles riding we got another feast of Peaches
which are here very plenty--when we
came to the Susquehanna, no ferryman
appearing at our call & the Water being
lower than when we went up, we ven
tured to ford it & got to Cattawessa before
Dark. Tho. Amos & myself put up
our Horses & supd at Benj. Sharplesses
but lodged at Tho. Ellis's very comfort
ably, &

before 5 o'Clock next morn'g the 10th,

they gave us Breakfast so as to en
able us to set out with the first appear
ance of Day--as we left the Town
& for a Considerable Distance up the
Mountain the Fog was so great as to
make it very Damp riding--but when
we had nearly reachd the Mountains
top we found ourselves entirely above
it--on getting to the Top of the Little
Mountain 10 Miles off we saw the Fog