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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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and is a part of the Big-Tree Reservation,
principally Flats, very fine & bounding on the
Gennessee River

--they here keep a very lrg
stock & we were told 1200 head of sheep.
At Williamsburg (a Wretched place, formerly
noted for Horseracing &c, now only three In
habited Houses) we fed our Horses--eat a
few poor red Plumbs & piece of Gingerbread
& then mounted again coming pretty soon
to a Stream of Water calld Canneseraga
being a Fork of the Gennessee River
which here is about 8 Miles from us--
along this Stream is a body of valuable
Flatts which lay to our Right & a Moun
tain to our left--this is a rich soil if rightly
managed but the Farms are in poor Culture
& many of the Houses are deserted--partly
owing (we were told) to the badness of the
Water & partly, I suspect, from the use
of Whisky which is sadly common here
--a little before Night reachd Danville
which makes our Days ride 40 Miles--
stopd at a Tavern kept by a Jonathan Rowley--
here we met with Colonel Troop & a young man
from Albany & James Wadsworth, one of the