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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.3

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for the Good Council you have given
us, and we wish you to keep your Minds
strong towards us.

Thos Stewardson made a short verbal reply &
when he had done, Old Half Town

us that they had done with the use of Spi
rituous Liquors, every Man, but there were
yet three Women who would sometimes
become Intoxicated, yet they did not
intend to cease Labouring with them till
they became reformd. This old Half Town
some years back was much in the Practice of
getting Drunk & when the Allegany Indians
Banishd the Poison, he said there was no
get Drunk at Allegany --he would not
stay there but would go to Buffaloe--he
accordingly went, but did not stay long
before he came to Cattaraugus where he
now lives & is so far reformd that Friends
dont know of his having one frolic this sea
son, yet they suspected him once. He
is a very stout Indian & has been a Chief
of great Influence. Wyundegohta (which
signifies, he has gone by) is a very respectable