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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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small Bells hung to the Knee & made a noise
as they Danced not much unlike the singing of Secrets- a few
of them were a little touchd with Paint- when
the Dance was over they had a Feast being a
kind of soup or sand-compon we were told of
new corn shelld from the Cob- a little meat, su
gar &c. & was boild in the Council House in a
large Kettle. this being carried into Coundius

one of each family engagd in the Dance & who had pre
viously (we were told) contributed, refraind
with their small kettles or Wooden Bowls to
receive their shares-. After waiting for some
Time an Antient Indian blew a Trumpet to no
tify the Inhabitants of Council & they began to
assemble- They were dressd of ornamented various
ly many were painted with red streaks about
the face Head & Eyes as fancy inclined- some
had Bandages of Indian Workmanship round
their Heads & tufts of Feathers of different co
lumns. Sometimes Furs. The Hair of some
was shorn round the Crown & left long round
the Temples & on the Top of the Head- others
had it left long in little Tufts over the Head
& those Tufts plaited - many had Breast
plates of Different fancies- others back Or
naments & Ear Bobbs all of silver-
One had one Red Legging & the other Blue- some
Caps of Fur with Tufts of Dyed Freathers
or Caps of Feathers & & Tips of Fur
other tails of long Hair like Horse Hair Dyed
Red hanging down their Backs or erected
or suspended from their Ears- Old Conidin