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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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of the sick Person & dirtying the House
thoroughly with their Ashes they with
draw & the nurse or some other Indian
undertakes to Clean after them-- Ab
surd as this practice appears it is
said that in many cases it has a
beneficial Effect by restoring Per
spiration, working on the Imagin
ation & rousing the Indisposed Person
to a Salutary Exertion--- Their Idea is
they drive away the Evil Spirits in this way. --
The Ancient Custom when an Indian died
who was the Head of a Family was to take out
his Goods & burn the Hut, the Design of thus
destroying the Habitation was to prevent
any differences which might arise among
his Descendents or survivors respecting the
possesing it that so Peace might be pre
on such occasions of time
the husband does
the Houses and where both Parents are dead

This I believe is not correct, but I cannot rectify it.

When an Indian of distinction & property
dies his Gun, Blanket, Knife, Trinkets & other
This I believe is not correct, but I cannot rectify it. Property are preserved about 12 & some
times 18 months, before a Division is made--
this Delay is in Consequence of an Opinion which