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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.2

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a Female a little block is placed between
the heels to prie the toes a incli
nation inwards but if a male the feet
are left to take the natural direction
one consequence of this is that the
track of the different sexes may be
easily distinguished & the children in
this situation are carried about at pleasure & if taken into the wood
are laid down, or set up, against stumps
on Trees as occasion requires while the
mother is employed in gathering wood
or any other service- a few times in
the day they loosen there but the
children are so habited to it that-
they become quiet when uneasy out
by being placed in again this is
continued till they are about 9
months old & anyway the purpose
of keeping them straight as well
as lending & carrying them with
more ease & security - Jonathan tho

said he once knew an Indian
woman who went out pregnant &
in ten Days returned with the infant
on her back & two hundred young