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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Journal, Visit to Indians in New York State, v.1

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further out than the Chain -- it is of
ten attended with considerable Incon
venience & sometimes proves Mortal, the
swelling & spreading over the Body ge
nerally. The Line which Divides the
States of Pennsylvania & N. York
seems so near that Francis King

us we might see the Timber grow
ing in the Latter & that after mount
ing our Horses as we should go pretty
directly into it -- about 3/4 of a Mile - after Breakfast
& tea feeling an impression to have a religious oppy in the family, they
were assembled & we had a pretty
factory time -- by an examination of Adlums
Map if appears that our Coursmam
course from Phil. here is about North
West & by West - from here to Tunessasaah
West & by now their round about Course by the
Allegany - the uce to Catterogas nearly North
Francis King is a Widower his 4 Sons & 4
Daughters -- One Son named John & 3 Daughters grown up