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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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In the domestic circle he was pleasant and instruc-
tive, and seemed desirous of filling up every hour as
of some value to himself and to others. He seemed
desirous of examining the mind and habits of the
young, in order to assist them in gathering up pro-
per stores of knowledge, and of giving a right direc-
tion to their affections. This communion with
young minds is as beneficial to those in years, as to
the youth who listens to the lessons of age. The
fresh and novel views of the world, coming all unso-
phisticated from the young, awaken the recollections
of youth in the mind of one near the grave, and he
seems to travel back again with pleasure to the days
when every vision was bright, and hope had not
known the companion of her later years—disappoint-
ment. The value of existence will unquestionably
be increased, when we come to understand by the
mental improvements which are going on, how much
good we may do, and of how much happiness we
are susceptible.

The person of Mr. Eddy

bore no extraordinary
marks to the casual observer. He was about five
feet six inches in height, of a muscular, compact
frame, capable of bearing great fatigue without in-
convenience, and he delighted in corporeal activity as
well as mental exertion. His head was large and
well shaped, the features of his face were strong and
prominent, and his whole physiognomy bold and
striking. The elevation of his eyebrows gave the
whole countenance an air of profound meditation.
He dressed with great uniformity and neatness. If
his face bore deep traces of thought, there were none
of grief. He commemorated the death of his friend
with pious and affectionate propriety, but indulged
in no feverish lamentations at their departure, bow-
ing in humble resignation to the will of heaven.
He had been failing for several months, but at
last his death was as sudden as his life was serene.
He died on the 16th of September, 1827, in the sixty-