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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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fair vocabulary, makes a clear and impressive writer.
Mr. Eddy

uses good words in their proper places, and
that always makes a good style for any subject-mat-
ter. His logic has much of the Aristotelian clearness
about it; but being exercised upon the practical affairs
of life, instead of ingenious theories, it is not so

His time was all his own, for he had no days of
gloom or hypochondriacism to weaken the energies
of his mind, through the pulses of his heart. He
indulged in no morbid views of life, nor suffered
from over strained feelings at human misery, but he
knew all the evils that existed, and had nerve enough
to combat them. He depended for fame on no one
brilliant deed, or no one fortunate occurrence, but on
a life of active benevolence. A command over his
passions, is the first lesson that he who intends to
live for mankind, should learn. It is in this cool sere-
nity that the mind gains its greatest strength and
aptitude for action. When obtained, it gives to youth
the habits and facilities that belong to riper years.
This complacency increases every day by reflection,
and keeps the mind from decrepitude and decay in
more advanced years. In such a state, a man, like
the mariner sailing before the refreshing trade winds,
can calculate almost to a certainty what may be accom-
plished in a given time. When the imagination is
under proper control, and man is guided by expe-
rience, he can correct yesterday's error, if one was
made, by to-day's reasoning. In such a life, where
every thing is accurately measured and surveyed, the
world passes onward, not like the uncertain shadow
upon the dial of life, flitting with every cloud, but
like the heavenly bodies,
Wheeling unshaken through the void immense.

The religious order to which Mr. Eddy

was attached
by birth and principle, have ever since their rise
been remarkable for self-discipline. This character-
istic gave Penn, and his successors, their influence