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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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and tree, from the hyssop that springeth from the wall,
to the cedar of Lebanon. His mind had a most noble
scope in the field of science, not confined to those we
have named; for, before he was thirty years of age,
he seemed determined to make himself acquainted
with many things, then but partially known, as may
be seen by the following extract from The American
Monthly Magazine and Critical Review.

So long ago as the year 1814, the following queries
were prepared by the late John H. Eddy

, of this city.
He had them printed in the form of a circular, and a
number of copies were sent to various gentlemen in
different parts of the country to which they relate.
Few communications, however, were received in
reply; and the multiplied avocations of Mr. Eddy
compelled him to postpone the prosecution of his
inquiries to a period of greater leisure. But an
untimely death, arresting him in the midst of his
labours, has torn him from science and his country,
and left the task to other hands. With the view of
reviving inquiry upon this subject, we publish the
circular drawn up by Mr. Eddy, and solicit the atten-
tion of the scientific to the topics therein suggested.
Any communications, addressed to the editors, will
be gladly received, and immediately placed in the
possession of one who will turn them to good account.

New York, March 14, 1814.

The unexampled progress of cultivation and im-
provement in that part of the state of New York

lying west of the meridian of the village of Utica,
and the surprising increase of its population and
produce, present a subject of inquiry highly interest-
ing, not only as affording a basis for a correct calcu-
lation of the future advance of our interior settle-
ments to the west, where lands, and the title to it, are
good, and thus affording a glimpse of the scene our
country is one day, we may hope, destined to pre-
sent; but it has opened to the observation of the
geographer and the geologist, a number of very