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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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Will you and Mr. Dwight

bethink of a set of que-
ries, embracing the objects of the society, for a circu-
lar from the Secretaries?

Philadelphia, January 10th, 1825.

I have the pleasure to inform you, that on the 3d inst.
you were unanimously elected an honorary member
of the Pennsylvania Society for promotion of Internal
Improvements in the Commonwealth, of whose Con-
stitution a copy is enclosed.

It will give great pleasure to our Society to cultivate a
correspondence with you, on the important subjects in
which you have taken so distinguished a part, and for
the promotion of which we have associated ourselves.

We will always be happy to furnish any informa-
tion in our power to advance internal improvements
in our sister States.

I am, with the greatest respect,
Your obedient servant, GERALD RALSTON,
Corresponding Secretary.
To THOMAS EDDY. Toxteth Park, near Liverpool, 31st March, 1825. DEAR SIR,

It is with sincere pleasure that I avail myself of
the present opportunity, to transmit you a copy of
the third and last part of my observations on penal
jurisprudence, which is now ready for publication
here, and in which I have endeavoured, to the best
of my power, to recommend to my countrymen an
improved system of reformatory discipline, similar to
that adopted in the United States of America, and in
the establishment of which you have had so import-
ant a share. I do this with the feelings of a disciple,
who looks up to his master for the approbation of
his labours—there being no person living, whose
ideas on this subject I more implicitly adopt, than
your own.