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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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The 35th and 36th Report of the Society for Bet-
tering the Condition of the Poor. The New School for Education. The Barrington School. Report—Indigent Blind. Report—Refuge for the Destitute. Report—Relief of the Working Manufacturers. Report—Relief of the Poor in the City of Lon-
. House of Recovery in Typhus Fever. Society for the Encouragement of Sunday
Schools. Scheme of Finance. Geneva, Ontario County, 9th December, 1816. SIR,

The letters, dated on the 18th July last, and
which, as Secretary of the Board of Commissioners,
constituted by the act, entitled, an act to provide for
the improvement of the internal navigation of this
state, you addressed to us, respectively, came to hand,
with their enclosures, in due season.

We have forborne advertising our appointment, or
taking any step to procure and receive subscriptions
in lands, or money, to be applied to the construction
of the contemplated canals, from a conviction that
an appeal to our fellow citizens for voluntary aid,
under existing circumstances, would be premature.
Until the Legislature has passed an act, whereby the
public faith is pledged for beginning and complet-
ing the canal, we apprehend no discreet citizen will
be disposed to deprive himself of the use of his land,
or money, for a considerable period of time. The
sole object of the act appointing the Commissioners,
is to obtain, from their report, a mass of useful in-
formation, for the purpose of guiding the judgment
of the Legislature, in deciding on the expediency of
undertaking, or rejecting, the proposed enterprise.
Although we are well persuaded that the trusts re-