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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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pleasure of stating, that a law was passed, 17th ult.
to pay the Governors of the New-York Hospital

, ten
thousand dollars a year, in quarter yearly payments,
for and during the term of forty-one years. This
generous and liberal grant, is fully equal to our ex-
pectations, and will be amply sufficient to enable us
to erect extensive buildings, and every other improve-
ment. We purchased thirty-eight acres of land, six
miles from the city—it is on high ground, and com-
mands a most delightful and very extensive view of
the village of Haerlem, Long Island, and the surround-
ing country. As to health, and good water, it is
equal to any in the state of New-York. Some have
fears, that it is too far from the city; but on that
account, it appears to me, there is no cause to be
afraid that it will not be duly inspected—it is true,
the Governors all reside in the city, but in the vicinity
of the premises there are a number of very respecta-
ble suitable persons, (members of the Corporation of
the Hospital) who would very cheerfully undertake
the charge of visiting, &c. so humane an institution.

Several of the Governors have seats in the neigh-
bourhood, and are out one half the year. It is pro-
posed, the intended building shall accommodate two
hundred patients, calculated for all ranks of life—as
well those of affluent as indigent circumstances, and,
also, paupers, who are supported by the city, and the
respective counties throughout the state—the latter
to be paid for at the rate of two dollars per week,
and others from three to ten dollars, according to
their circumstances, and the accommodations they
may require.

In my opinion, if it is well conducted, and managed
with prudence, it will, not only essentially serve, and
be a great blessing to the state at large, but may be
very profitable, and produce a considerable revenue
to our hospital. I have no doubt, we shall have it
full in two years after it is ready to receive patients.
On one part of the premises there is abundance of