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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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crude, indigested, and whimsical, as to be productive of
more injury than benefit. Hence, the injuries arising
from these excellent institutions, the Friendly Socie-
ties, as now constituted in this country. We have
resources within our grasp, capable of compassing
any thing, and every thing, that is good, praiseworthy,
and benevolent, if we could be made to see how we
should avail ourselves of our powers. I trust that
period is fast approaching, and that new and better
prospects will enliven our declining years.

I rejoice exceedingly, to find that the schools you
have benevolently established through the medium
of a society in New York

, assisted by my publication
on the education of the poor, according to Doctor
's excellent plan, has succeeded to an extent equal
to your most sanguine expectations. I will be very
thankful to you for a copy of the report, which the
trustees proposed to publish, as soon as it is printed.
It occurs to me that an account of the origin, use, and
progress of these schools, with the advantages which
have resulted from them, accompanied by some useful
reflections, would form an excellent article in the
periodical reports of our society for bettering the con-
dition of the poor: and if you will have the goodness
to draw up a paper on the subject, with that particu-
lar view, I will take care to get it inserted. It may
induce many in this country to follow your laudable

The bill brought in to the Commons' House of Par-
liament, for the establishment of parochial schools in

and Wales, was lost in the house of lords.
The system proposed had by no means the approba-
tion of many respectable persons, who had bestowed
much time in considering the subject; but when
peace is restored, the question will no doubt be again
agitated—or perhaps sooner.

On the twenty-sixth July, I wrote you a short letter,
with the reports of the society for bettering the con-
dition of the poor which have been published since