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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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In my apprehension, the business of banks should be
confined to discounting what is termed business
notes, except only under some peculiar circumstances,
otherways the credit of the banks is liable to be
materially injured.

I am not well acquainted with the affairs of our
Prison, since myself and colleagues resigned our
places. The present inspectors, in my opinion, are
not so suitable characters for the government of that
institution, as might have been selected amongst our
citizens; the mode of treating the prisoners is in
some respects more severe than was thought neces-
sary by the former board of inspectors, and the profits
on the labour of the convicts are considerably short of
what was produced the year ending 1st July 1803.
Cleanliness and good order throughout the prison, is
perhaps as well observed as formerly, and notwith-
standing the increased expense for supporting the
prison, the legislature remains firmly attached to our
present criminal code, and I trust it will continue an
ornament to our country, and serve as an example
to other governments.

The excellent sentiments contained in thy several
letters and the pamphlets thou so kindly sent me, has
so interested me in the subject of affording a suitable
education to the children of the poor, that I have been
much engaged in a new establishment for schooling
poor children, who are not provided for by any
religious society. Our state legislature have passed
an act incorporating this society; the mayor of the
city is president, and the public appear much inte-
rested in its support. I trust the poor will derive
great benefit by means of it, and we expect next
winter our legislature will provide sufficient funds
for supporting it. It must afford great pleasure to
every feeling mind, that the plan of affording reli-
gious and moral instruction to the poor of your
country, has so much engaged the attention of so
great a number of highly respectable characters, and