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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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apologize for touching on subjects of a political na-
ture, so foreign to the design of this letter, and the
habits and pursuits of my life.

The penitentiary house in Virginia

has been estab-
lished about three years. The Inspectors are respecta-
ble, good men, and are appointed by the Governor and
Council, who also appoint the principal Keeper. I
am informed, political reasons influenced the Governor
and Council, in the appointment of a principal Keeper,
who disagreed with the Inspectors, and refused to
submit to their directions, and is said to be a very im-
proper person for his place. This proves the propriety
of vesting in the Inspectors the power of appointing
the Keeper, and making them responsible for his con-
duct. On the 5th January last, there were sixty-eight
convicts, who were employed mostly at making nails
and shoes. They are allowed meat only two days
in the week; other days, mush, with a small portion
of molasses and potatoes. The laws of Virginia
direct, that the male convicts shall have their heads
and beards close shaven, at least once in every week.
The foundation of a similar prison, has been laid,
this year, at Boston. The state of society in Mas-
, is so very favourable to good order and
improvement, the opinions and habits of the people,
so consonant to the true principles of liberty and good
government, that there is every reason to expect that
this establishment will be equal, in every respect, to
any in America, and, I have no doubt, will reflect
great honor on the state which formed it, and on the
Inspectors who may have the management of its
internal government.

The comparison made by thee, between the num-
ber of convicts in Scotland

, and this state, is extreme-
ly unfavourable to the latter, and I am unwilling to
admit the inference that might be made from it. As
to the state of society here, I am certain, that a much
less number of criminals escape conviction here, than
in Great Britain, an effect that may be ascribed to