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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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for a short term; nothing so effectually subdues the
intemperate and ungovernable passions of men, and
checks the growth of depraved habits. I am appre-
hensive the prison will not be erected the present
year, but I retain a strong hope that the plan will
be carried into effect.

By the Juliana, Captain Brown

, I sent a small
box, containing a number of copies of the account of
the State Prison, and reports for 1802, for thyself and
friends. The flattering result of this institution, to
be found in this report, constitutes one of the most
pleasing circumstances of my life, since it not only
exhibits the practicability of a system calculated to
produce the greatest good to society, but has entirely
removed those strong prejudices against it, in the
minds of many good men, who often treated me as
an enthusiast, and visionary, but who now are ad-
mirers of the establishment, and the warmest ad-
vocates for the present penal code.

I have the farther pleasure to state, that there is
abundant reason to conclude, that the profits on the
labour of the convicts, for tile current year, will be
considerably greater than at the time of the last
report. I inclose an abstract of the accounts for six
months, ending the 1st of the present month. Should
it be thought expedient to reprint the Account of
the Prison in London

, it would add very much to
the value of the new edition, if the report last print-
ed was subjoined; and it would give it additional
credit and circulation, if some remarks were prefixed
by thee, such as would naturally occur to thy mind,
and which thy leisure might permit thee to make.
If this is undertaken, I should be glad if the book-
seller might be directed to send me one or two hun-
dred copies, to be distributed in this country, and I
will remit to him the cost.

On a late visit which I made to the Penitentiary
house in New Jersey

, I was disappointed to find
that the plan of the building was bad, and little