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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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great want of them was discovered in the army and
navy, and in fact almost every where. In a short
time a society was formed, whose growth has no
parallel in the history of nations. In less than thirty
years, the branches of this noble society have caused
the Scriptures to be translated and printed in more
than a hundred different languages, and spread it
over the charitable globe. This book is now familiar
to the Esquimaux

of our northern regions, is spread
throughout Asia, and is known in Africa. From five
thousand Bible Societies that can be enumerated,
issued every year almost an incredible number of
volumes, and therefore no one will perish for lack of
vision. These bibles have not only spread the chris-
tian religion, but have been the means of introducing
letters where they have been unknown before. The
first talents of Europe have been engaged in transla-
ting them into various languages, previously but little
known, even to the learned.

With a sagacity that seems to foresee the results of
the experience of many years, Mr. Eddy

was for
having the bible go out without note or commentary,
that good sense and faith might have their full influ-
ence. This is now, after all the experience had on
the subject, thought to be the best course to pursue.

The success of these societies have had salutary
influence among those who have been engaged in
the cause. Many young men have read the Bible
with care and attention, who never would have done
it, if the societies of which they were members had
not had before them subjects of discussion, requiring
something more than a cursory knowledge of the
Scriptures. Youth is ambitious, and will not be
ignorant of that which it is praiseworthy to obtain,
if rightly set before them. Another beneficial effect
of the Bible, and other societies, of a charitable and
religious kind, is, that they draw young men from
gay habits, and give them stability and gravity in
early life. In truth, it may be set down as an axiom,