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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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the liberty to mention, that most of the existing
evils amongst your red brethren, have been caught
from the white people; not only that liquor that
destroys us daily, but many diseases that our fore-
fathers were ignorant of, before they saw you.

My Brothers and Friends—I am glad, with my
brother chiefs, that are now present, to find that you
are ready to assist us in every thing that will add to
our good: we hope that the Great Spirit will aid you
in all your good undertakings, with respect to us.
We plainly perceive, brothers, that you see that very
evil that destroys your red brethren. It is not an
evil, brothers, of our own making; we have not
placed it amongst ourselves; it is an evil placed
amongst us by the white people; we look up to them
to remove it out of our country: if they have that
friendship for us, which they tell us they have, they
certainly will not let it continue amongst us any
longer. Our repeated entreaties to those who bring
this evil amongst us, we find, has not the desired
effect. We tell them—Brothers, fetch us useful things;
bring goods that will clothe us, our women, and our
children, and not this evil liquor, that destroys our
reason—that destroys our health—that destroys our
lives: but all we can say on the subject is of no ser-
vice, nor gives relief to your red brethren.

My Brothers and Friends—I am glad that you
have seen into this business as we do—I rejoice to
find that you agree in opinion with us, and express
an anxiety to be, if possible, of service to us, to remove
this great evil out of our country—an evil that has
had so much room in it—that has destroyed so many
of our lives, that it causes our young men to say, we
had better be at war with the white people: this
liquor that they introduce into our country is more
to be feared than the gun and the tomahawk; there
are more of us dead since the treaty of Grenville

than we lost by the six years war before; it is all
owing to the introduction of this liquor amongst us.