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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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vernor is restrained by law, from granting any farther
support to them, until the house is finished, they will
generally turn out, and endeavour by their exertions
to complete the building in a short time.

We are of opinion, that logs be collected, and sawed
into pieces about four or five inches thick, and as
wide as the timber will admit of, to be placed on the
top of each other, and pinned and dove-tailed toge-
ther. The building then to be boarded on the outside,
with boards to stand upright, not lengthways. These
boards may be planed, so as they can be painted, if
thought necessary, at a future day. The roof to be
shingled; the lower pieces of the building to be pitch
pine or white oak, to prevent decay. The house
should stand about eighteen inches above the ground,
underpinned with brick or stone, and till this can be
done, it may remain, perhaps, till next year, supported
on blocks. The floor should be pitch pine plank, or,
if not to be had, of white pine, and ceiled above
with boards. The floor and ceiling should be grooved,
but need not to be planed.

On this plan we wish thee to procure as many men
as can work, and to proceed immediately, and erect
a house in the most convenient situation that can be
obtained; and thou wilt readily see the necessity of
sending us an acoount of the cost thereof, as soon as
it can be ascertained, which, if some part is done by
the job, may be done even before the building is
finished. Thou wilt please engage young Wampey

or some other, for a master, at a stipulated salary,
until we can procure one that may be better quali-

The Governor agrees to advance us five hundred
dollars towards erecting the proposed house; but thou
wilt remember, no more can be got till the building
is finished, or the cost thereof known, so as to report
it to the Governor. It will be also necessary, that
thou sendest us an account of articles purchased for,
and supplied to, the Indians.