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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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much pleased. The delay of the buildings, and lay-
ing out the money designed for that, in articles more
immediately necessary for the Indians, we think a
very judicious step, as, while it will tend to convince
them how much we wish to serve them, they will
also receive more immediate benefits. We hope, by
this time, the goods proposed to be sent them when
thou wast here, have reached them. Thou wilt ob-
serve several additions to them, that were agreed to
before thou left us, which was in consequence of our
interview with the Governor.

As the articles will, probably, be ready for distri-
bution before thou comest away, thou mayest proba-
bly learn whether they are suitably adapted to their
wants, and from thence form a judgment how to
proceed in future. When suitable opportunity can be
had to consult with them, we think there would be
a propriety in doing it. And, therefore, as it is
probable, some supplies of clothing, blankets, &c.,
may be wanted for the winter season, it would be
agreeable to us if thou wouldest endeavour to obtain
such knowledge of the articles most necessary, and
furnish us with the list thereof. We also think there
will be a propriety in making an inquiry of them,
what it is probable they will want next season, as that
will afford us time to procure the articles, both in
quantity and quality, much better adapted to their
use, and, perhaps, a saving. This spring, we found
much difficulty in procuring some things, particularly
the hoes, axes, scythes, &c., some of which are short
of the quantity designed, and, we fear, may also be
deficient in the quality, though we spared no pains
to procure them of the most proper kinds.

If thou shouldest have another opportunity with
the Indians before thy return, we wish to inform
them of our uniting with thee in what thou hast done;
and we also unite in sentiment with thee, on the
absolute necessity of their making strait by-laws to
prevent the introduction of spirituous liquors among