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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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ceived they perceived the white people derived from
their superior wisdom.M

Thus committed to them, it became their duty to
lay it before your Excellency.

New York, 6 mo., 2d, 1796. FRIENDS AND BROTHERS,

We expect you have already been informed of
the Governor having appointed General William

, with us, superintendants of the affairs of the
Indians at Brothertown. This, we expect, will be
handed you by General Floyd, whom we recom-
mend, from our knowledge of him, as your good
friend. We are satisfied he has the welfare of your
Nation much at heart, and, as we have given you
many proofs of our steady friendship, we hope you
will now closely attend to such advice as General
may give you. He will kindly inquire into
your situation, and you must make known your
wants to him; he will advise you what by-laws and
regulations may be necessary for you to make among
yourselves, and you will inform him of such as you
have already made, so that he may give you his senti-
ments thereon. Having had several conversations
with him on the subject of your affairs, we shall
leave him to inform you of the supplies that is pro-
posed to be handed you this summer. You need not
fresh assurances from us, how desirous we are to
promote your welfare every way, as we believe a
reformation is really began among you; we earnestly
recommend to those sober men and women who have
so nobly stepped forward in so good an undertaking,
that they persevere in a steady conduct, and, by set-
ting examples of sobriety and industry, induce others
to join them, not only in refraining themselves from
the least use of spirituous liquors, but to put your
laws in full force against all offenders in this respect.
Until this shameful practice is entirely laid aside,