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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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inclined to endeavour to go to work, from three to five
dollars will be sufficient to give him, and if he has no
disposition to seek for employment, to give him even
a small sum would most likely prove an injury. If
he has not learned any regular trade, he can soon
get employment on a farm or in the city as a labourer.
In England the state of things is widely different
to what it is in this country, and it may there be
more necessary, that convicts during their confine-
ment should learn some trade.

A school in the evening should be established, and
on the First day of the week they should be assem-
bled for the purpose of Divine Worship, and a chapter
in the Bible should be read to them every morning
or evening.

In selecting inspectors, care should be taken that
they are highly respectable men, capable of perform-
ing the duties of their office, and who would act
solely from benevolent motives, with a religious view
to benefit their fellow creatures. Much would depend
on their dispositions and exertions, and on their occa-
sionally giving to the convicts suitable religious and
moral advice. Gradual changes may be effected
even in the worst of men, by a steady, firm, and
persevering attention to correct their acquired bad
habits. Those who assert (and there are many
respectable men who make the assertion) that to
attempt to reform convicts, by exercising kind and
conciliatory means, is chimerical and absurd, cer-
tainly do not reflect, that to advise and admonish the
most profligate and abandoned, is the usual practice
of life, and is solemnly enjoined by the precepts of
the Founder of our holy religion. We ought not to
refrain from using such means as may be in our
power, to produce an amendment and change in the
dispositions of convicts, from an apprehension that
a complete reformation cannot be expected. The
employments that would be the most suitable for
the prisoners, ought to be left to the discretion of the