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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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of Philadelphia

, they repaired to the prison and made
a thorough examination of the edifice, the convicts,
the by-laws, the whole economy of the establishment,
which were satisfactory to that practical statesman
Mr. Eddy had laboured to engage in the cause, and he
was now ready to go heart and hand with him. Mr.
procured a large number of copies of the penal
code of Pennsylvania, and distributed them freely.
To each of the members of the Legislature he pre-
sented a copy, at the next meeting of that body, after
his visit to Philadelphia. The General, with the as-
sistance of Mr. Eddy, drew up a bill for establishing
a penitentiary system in the State of New York.
This bill he did not introduce into the Senate him-
self, but engaged the services of a distinguished
member of that body, Ambrose Spencer,* * See Appendix. a gentleman
of first rate abilities, and who has since filled the
important office of Chief Justice of the State of New
, with high honour. Both Spencer and Schuy-
made excellent speeches on the subject, which had
a surprising effect upon the members of the Senate,
and on the audience. Mr. Eddy was at hand to give
all the details that were necessary for a proper
understanding of the provisions of the bill. The
moment the representatives of the people were con-
vinced of the utility and practicability of the mea-
sure, the bill was passed without any great difficulty.
The bill directed a state prison to be erected, and
appointed Matthew Clarkson, John Watts, Thomas
, Isaac Stoutenburg, and John Murray, jun.,
commissioners to carry the bill into effect. These
commissioners designated Thomas Eddy as a com-
mittee for building the prison, who engaged the
architect and workmen, and went on in his own way
with the whole concern. This duty he set about to
perform, but imitated very closely the plan of the
establishment at Philadelphia; the plan of the single
rooms was an after thought with Mr. Eddy, but