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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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period, and recollected how much 1 lamented my mis-
fortune, as it is generally termed, but which, indeed,
was a blessing in disguise, for, not succeeding in
business in Virginia

, obliged me to remove, whereas,
had I succeeded, I probably should have remained
there, and, considering my weakness, how apt to
unite in company in every respect improper and hurt-
ful to my best interests, moral and religious, there is
every reason to suppose that I should have partaken
of all the evils produced in such a profligate and
irreligious state of society, as did then exist in Virgi-
. I seldom reflect on the circumstances which
forced me to leave that place, without feeling my
mind warmed with a sense of gratitude to the All-
Wise Disposer of human events, that he was gracious-
ly pleased so to extend his providential care over me,
as to cause my removal from a state of society that
might, by my remaining in it, have proved destruc-
tive to my family, and ruinous to myself.

I omitted to mention, that on the 4th of 6th month,
1785, I embarked for England

in the English ship
Mildred, bound for London. I remained in England
only about three months, and returned the latter part
of 11th month, being absent near six months. This
voyage was not productive of much advantage to me.

In the year 1790,1 went with my family to Black

, and in the following year removed to New
. On my return to this city, all 1 had was fifty
pounds, supplied me by my father-in-law, but owing
to the kind attention of Robert Bowne, and others, I
soon got into some little business. At this period,
and for some years afterwards, there were no Insu-
rance offices in New York, and being encouraged by
my friends, I commenced the business of an Insurance
broker. I pursued this with success for three or four
years. About 1792, the public debt of the United
States was founded; this afforded an opportunity for
people to speculate in the public funds. In this busi-
ness I made a good deal of money. I declined acting