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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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prove useful and gratifying to the community. If so, I shall
feel much obliged by any information you may give me, or by
the use of any papers you may possess, relative to this object.

I am, dear sir, respectfully yours, DAVID HOSACK.
To ROBERT VAUX, ESQ. Philadelphia, 3mo. 11, 1833. DEAR DOCTOR,

It gave me much pleasure to learn by thy letter of yesterday,
that a memoir of the life of the late Thomas Eddy

was about to be
published. His long, various, and highly valuable services, enti-
tle him to biographical honour; and the story of his benevolent
career will not fail to encourage others, to go and do likewise.
Although much his junior, he kindly presented me with several
of his printed essays; occasionally favoured me with a letter, and
when we met, freely conversed on topics which were favourite
with us both; but on the examination of his correspondence, and
recalling to mind our interviews, I do not discover any material,
which would be useful to the gentleman who is to prepare the

I regret that it is not in my power to do more toward the illus-
tration of the character of our estimable friend, than to bear my
humble testimony to his great worth, in all the relations in which
it was my privilege to know him.

Accept the assurance of my
respect, and friendship, ROBERT S. VAUX.
To DAVID HOSACK, M. D. &c. &c. New York, April, 1833. MY DEAR SIR,

I some time since determined to prepare a sketch of the life of
the late Thomas Eddy

, who, like another Howard, has devoted
himself to the cause of humanity and benevolence. For this
purpose I have collected many valuable materials; these I have
placed in the hands of my friend. Colonel Knapp, who will give
them to the public. Knowing that you have been many years
associated with Mr. Eddy in the various institutions of our city
which have been benefitted by your united services, I will feel much
obliged by any reminiscences you may possess on this subject.