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Beyond Penn's Treaty

The Life of Thomas Eddy; Comprising an Extensive Correspondence

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New York, April 9th, 1833. DEAR SIR,

I have thought it due to the memory of the late Thomas Eddy

whose life has been very much devoted to deeds of benevolence,
and the improvement of the numerous public institutions with
which he has been connected, to communicate to the public some
account of his labours, and the services he has rendered to this
city and state.

For this purpose, I have placed the materials which I had col-
lected on this subject, into the hands of our friend, Colonel Knapp

who has kindly undertaken to embody them into a volume, that
cannot fail to be gladly received by the community.

Knowing that you were one of the friends of Mr. Eddy

, and
of his associates, the late General Schuyler, Governors George
and Dewitt Clinton, Governor Jay, and others with whom he
co-operated in various public measures, I will be obliged by any
reminiscenses you may possess, that will give an interest to the
contemplated publication of Colonel Knapp.

I am, dear Sir, with great respect and esteem, yours, DAVID HOSACK.
To the Hon. JAMES KENT. New York, May 11, 1833. DEAR SIR,

I was happy to learn, by your letter of the 9th ult., that you
had made arrangements for an historical account of the life and
services of your late excellent relative, Thomas Eddy

, by con-
fiding the materials in your possession, concerning him, to the
industry, skill, judgment, and taste of Colonel Knapp. I am
satisfied that a biographical sketch of the actions and character
of so distinguished a philanthropist, will be interesting to the
cause of humanity, and acceptable to the public. It was my
good fortune to be numbered among the intimate friends of Mr.