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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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noon, we came within five or six miles of each
other, when the wind nearly died away, and the
sea became as smooth as a fish-pond. As the ship
in sight was deemed likely to be coming from
England, some of our people had a great desire to
get along-side of her, in order to inquire what news
she brought. The boat was in consequence let
down into the sea, and the mate and several pas-
sengers got in and rowed away, until they had an
opportunity of getting on board; when they found
that she was a ship bound to Philadelphia from

After leaving this vessel, a young man from
Manchester having a desire to bathe in the sea,
all being smooth and calm, stripped himself for
that purpose. The Captain of the Philadelphia
ship observing this, took his speaking trumpet,
and warned him against going into the sea; as they
had observed a large shark hovering about them
all the morning; but the young man supposing he
was only in jest, paid no regard to him, and leaped
into the sea, where he swam about a little time,
and then got safely into the boat again. How-
ever, on the boat's approaching our vessel, the
shark was discovered in company with her, watch-
ing for his prey, and continued hovering round
our ship for some time. Looking at all the cir-
cumstances of the case, it may be considered a
singular and wonderful preservation, that this