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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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that I have met with slave merchants, who were
far inferior to this black person, in the faculties
of the mind.

After a pleasant morning thus spent at J. M.'s,
he brought me to New-York

, and shewed me
through the cellars of his extensive brewery in
that city. The remaining part of the day, was
spent in preparations for my voyage to England.

9th Month, 6th.

This morning I attended New-

meeting, and afterwards dined at my cousin
B. B.'s; and drank tea and spent the evening with
some other of my friends.

The afternoon meeting was disturbed this day,
by a singular character, who, I understand, was
often very troublesome. After the meeting had
sat some time in silence, he got up, and, with a
loud violent gesticulation, declared that
he came there that day, in order to bear his solemn
testimony against silent meetings.

9th, Month, 8th.

This day was mostly employed
in packing up my luggage, and putting it on board
the ship.

9th Month, 9th.

This morning, between six
and seven o'clock, I went on board the Oliver
Elsworth, attended by several friends of New-York,
who kindly accompanied us, and remained until
the ship weighed and or about eight o'clock. I