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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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to his family, whose kindness and hospitality I
have frequently experienced.

8th Month, 29th.

The afternoon of this day
was agreeably spent in the company of O. J.

mother, and sisters, at their country residence;
and, after passing a pleasant evening in their so-
ciety, I took my final farewell of them, with
sentiments of gratitude for their attention and hos-
pitality to me, who was a stranger amongst them.

8th Month, 30th and 31st,

were employed in
taking leave of a number of friends in the neigh-
bourhood of Merion

, to whom I feel under great
obligation, for their kindness and attention to me,
during my residence in this quarter. The after-
noon of the latter day I drank tea at R. J.'s, in
company with him and several other friends. In
the evening we took, in all probability, a final fare-
well of each other, with many expressions of af-
fection on their part, which were equally felt on
my own; having contracted a sincere regard for
the little company of friends resident at Merion.

9th Month, 1st.

This morning I left Merion

on my way to New-York, in order to take my
passage for England, being accompanied by A. B.
In my way I passed through Philadelphia, but
being limited for time, I had opportunity of calling