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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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drank tea with John Parish

, in company with
B. J. Most of the afternoon we sat in the piazza
in front of the house, at Woodside, where we had
a fine view of Philadelphia, the Jerseys, and the
intervening country. We were much entertained
with the little Humming Birds, flying about the
flowers near our seats.

8th Month, 27th.

My business requiring that
I should see a person who was at the Yellow

, I this day took a ride thither. At the
inn where I breakfasted, which was the General
Paoli Tavern, I met with a family who had landed
a few days before in Philadelphia, and were now
on their way to the Ohio. As they spoke neither
English no French, I was unable to make out
from what part of the continent of Europe they
came; but, from their dress, I supposed from
Switzerland. The men wore a plain jacket and
trowsers, with very large shallow crowned hats;
and the women had their hair plaited in long braids,
which hung down their backs, with jackets and
petticoats just the reverse of the fashions of the pre-
sent day. Altogether they had the appearance of a
stout, hardy race, and, in this company, I understand
there were four generations. The master of the
inn informed me that he had reason to believe they
had a very large property with them, in the wag-
gons in which they travelled. On my arrival at
the Yellow Springs, I bathed and drank the waters,