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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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at his leisure. The Doctor had a respectable esta-
blishment for the education of his children; having
an exclusive library, with a pair of large globes,
and an amiable young woman from England as
tutors, who was well qualified for her office, his
children being mostly girls.

8th Month, 18th.

I went over to Philadelphia

and having had several pressing invitations from
Doctor G. who had been a fellow-student with
my brother William at Edinburgh, I dined with
him. The Doctor is one amongst the few of that
profession, who retain their integrity, by continu-
ing to be consistent members of our society; and
he is a very useful member of the monthly meeting
to which he belongs. In the afternoon I spent a
little time at John Elliott's and Samuel Fisher's;
and took my farewell of them all, with sentiments
of esteem, and of gratitude for the many instances
of their kind attentions to me. While in this city, I
received letters from my wife and family down to
the 6th Month 16th, with satisfactory accounts of
their welfare.

8th Month, 20th.

O. J.

having kindly offered
me a seat in his carriage, I accompanied him to
the annual general meeting in the Valley; at which
a great number of friends and others attended;
indeed, a great many more than the house, though
large, was able to contain.