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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Travels in Some Parts of North America

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storm, which nearly reduced her to a wreck; and
such were the difficulties the ship's company had
to encounter, that several of the passengers and
seamen lost their lives. Notwithstanding I was fa-
voured to escape these imminent perils, there was
considerable probability of my not reaching Eng-
land by the time mentioned; as I still remained at
New-York, when it wanted only about four weeks
to the completion of that period; and after we got
on board, we were detained on the American coast
nearly two weeks, by calms and light winds. Yet
we crossed the Atlantic ocean from thence in the
short period of 9 days. On the 10th day, and
23d of our voyage, we made soundings off Cape
Clear, and on the 26th day landed safely at Liver-
pool, where I was affectionately received by my
near relations in that town, within the time which
the friend had predicted I should return. I for-
bear making any farther comments on these cir-
cumstances. But in the course of events I felt
in my heart the sentiments of humble thankfulness
to the great Preserver of Men.

8th Month, 11th.

I spent this day at J. H's
in company with M. E. from Elklands. She was
then on a visit to her father, who had been seized
with a paralytic affection, which had entirely de-
prived him of the use of speech; yet I have seldom
seen a man preserved in such innocent cheerful-
ness as he was. It is wonderful to observe what